Gross Misconduct hearing for former Sussex Police officer

A former Sussex Police officer who was dismissed without notice last year after he breached standards of professional behaviour has had further allegations proved against him. 

Ex-PC James Breeds, appeared at a misconduct hearing at Sussex Police headquarters on 21-23 June. 

The independently-chaired panel found he had:

Knowingly provided false information as part of a criminal investigation
Used unlawful force when entering a premises and arresting a suspect
Bought discredit to the organisation through his actions

The panel have found that the proven allegations amounted to gross misconduct. The sanction was dismissal without notice had he still been a serving officer.

Superintendent Rachel Carr, head of Sussex Police's professional standards department, said: "We expect the highest personal and professional standards of anyone who works for us including from those who formerly worked for us and any allegations of behaviour that do not meet those standards are rigorously investigated. We are determined not to let a very small number of officers damage the confidence held in our force and the huge amount of good work carried out by hard-working and dedicated police officers and staff across the county."

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