Sussex doctor leading research into weight loss technology

A Sussex doctor is pioneering new technology which can predict if you’re breaking your diet. 

Consultant Mr Simon Monkhouse is using artificial intelligence to advise patients if they’re likely to falter. 

By analysing patients’ behaviour the Success Predictor can identify the likelihood that patients will be successful even four months down the line. If a patient is struggling it then gives clinicians time to intervene and work to get the patient back on track towards success.

AI is used for everything from face recognition to opening your phone to working your smart home devices and shopping online but now the technology is being used to keep people on track when they’re dieting. 

Dr Monkhouse says he can now tell as early as 20 days into a weight loss programme if the patient is on track or not reaching their minimum expected weight in what’s being called a game changer.

The machine-learning algorithm worked on millions of data points from more than 20,000 Allurion Balloon Program patients in 50+ different countries and is the first in a pipeline of machine-learning algorithms designed to improve patient outcomes. 

Just last month the government released its food strategy for England, seeking to address the obesity crisis to combat a worrying trend of people becoming obese or  ‘super obese- with a BMI of 50, 60 or 70. 

Obesity is proven to lead to low self-esteem, depression and confidence issues along with more serious conditions such as type 2 diabetes and a risk of a range of cancers.  Dr Monkhouse says supporting people as soon as they are struggling before they give up on their weight loss programme will benefit thousands. 

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