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Win with Splenda


SPLENDA®, the great-tasting sugar alternative, is serving up a sweet treat by offering you a chance to win a professional espresso and cappuccino coffee machine worth £200 and £250 in cash!!

This sleek, smart-looking stainless steel coffee bean-to-cup express machine allows you to make your own barista-quality, full-flavoured espresso or smooth and creamy latte and cappuccino drinks at home.
This wonderful prize is being offered by SPLENDA®, the great-tasting sugar substitute.  SPLENDA® contains sucralose, which is made from sugar but is a calorie free and carbohydrate free sweetener. SPLENDA® has all the taste of sugar without the calories.

The body does not recognize sucralose as a sugar and it does not affect blood glucose levels or insulin - making SPLENDA® suitable for the whole family, including people with diabetes and those following a low-carb diet, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

SPLENDA® Sweet Minis tablets are carbohydrate free and calorie free and therefore do not impact on blood glucose levels. They are a perfect way to sweeten tea, coffee, or soft drinks. One sweet mini is equal to a teaspoon.

SPLENDA® in granulated form looks and tastes like sugar but contains just two calories per serving. Unlike some sweeteners, SPLENDA® granulated is great for cooking and baking over a wide range of temperatures and times, making it an excellent choice for people wishing to cut down on added sugar.

Is it time you said hello to SPLENDA® and goodbye to sugar?

Why not check out www.splenda.co.uk for hundreds of delicious low-calorie recipes and inspiring ideas?

All you have to do to win is tell us which you prefer...

A mug of coffee or a cup of tea?



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