Milly's Mission - Monday

Monday - 4th April 2022

Milly has landed in Poland and sent us back these photos of her journey so far. More to follow as it comes in.

From the plane
It was at this moment Milly realised she had forgotten her snow boots, and her toes may be in for a frosty time!

Milly's Daily Diary entry for Monday 4th April: 

During her time at the border, Milly is meeting some amazing people who are also there to help. She has chatted to some of them and they've told her why they're there, what they're doing & their story. 

Elenor Trottman is currently studying at Bristol University, but has spent the last 3 days Volunteering at the Reception Centre in Przemysl.

Mark Chernyavsky fled the Soviet Union 35 years ago and has now helped to set up the 'Road to Ukraine' charity. This is a team of people from all over the globe who wanted to play their part!

Liuda fled the Ukraine three weeks ago for Portugal but now is back on the border. Milly found out more...

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