What to do in an interview...

What to do in an interview...

First of all, it's important to remember, if they're interviewing you, it's because they believe you can do it. Make sure you're up to date on the organization's news - what's the most recent item on the website? What are the specific challenges they will face in the coming year?

Elaborate on times when you have already done the thing they are asking about while answering inquiries.

Then describe how you can meet their needs - don't just tell them what you've done; explain how you can help them. Consider what objections they might have about you and come up with a list of strengths to rebut them. Plan responses based on your skills.

Stand in a commanding position for at least two minutes before the interview. Hands on hips or in the air, shoulders back, chin up; feet apart, hands on hips or in the air. Proven to increase testosterone, which boosts self-esteem, and lower cortisol, which reduces stress.

Prepare some questions to ask at the end, based on your study about the organization's current state.

Finish strong, smiling. Show appreciation for the opportunity and for their time.

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