J2W Interview tips


Interviewee Hints & Tips


  1. If they are interviewing you then they think you can do it - don't forget that.
  2. Make sure you know about the organisation - what's the latest news item on the website?  What challenges are they particularly facing in the coming year?
  3. When answering questions give examples of when you have already done the thing they are asking about.
  4. Then explain how you can meet their needs - don't just tell them what you have done; translate what you have done into how you can help them.
  5. Think about what objections they may have about you and come up with a list of strengths that counteract these objections.  Prepare answers based on your strengths.


Them – “I see from your CV that most of your experience is in the Local Education Authority.  You don’t have any experience working within the private education sector.


You – “Yes I have extensive LEA experience.  My current role includes working with a variety of professional teams.  My ability to get the best out of people who have different agendas is a strength that can be used in any sector.  I also believe that having a fresh perspective is very powerful.”


  1. For at least two minutes before the interview stand in a powerful position.  Feet apart, hands on hips or in the air, shoulders back, chin up.  Proven to raise testosterone, which ups your confidence, and reduces cortisol, so lowers stress.
  2. Think about how you are going to walk into the room - they don't want to meet some idiot who swaggers in like Captain Jack Sparrow but they also don't want Mr Bean or Mrs Overall.  Have confidence and project it right from the start. (see point 1)
  3. Have some questions to ask at the end, based on your research about what is going on for the organisation.
  4. Also, a good type of question to ask at the end is "what do you see will be my priorities during the first 3 months?" or something similar - it shows that you are interested and gets them to picture you in the role.
  5. Finish well, with a smile, thanking them for their time.



During the interview, do not - DO NOT - at any point lie.  Never.  No seriously, never.

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