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Driver thought using phone was fine "as long as it's just Google Maps you’re using"

A driver who was stopped by police on the A27 in Arundel says he thought looking at his phone was fine "as long as it’s just Google Maps you’re using".

Sussex Roads Police officer Tom Van Der Wee says a van drove past him on the A27, 'with the driver tapping away at a phone mounted in the windscreen'.

He proceeded to pull him over - and he says the motorist saw no issue using Google Maps. The officer confirmed a ticket has been issued.

Meanwhile, a twitter user in response to his tweet replied: "Genuine question. Doesn’t the phone have to be held in ones hand AND be being used for an ‘interactive communication function’ for the offence to be complete? It’s no different to using a mounted satnav." PC Tom Van Der Wee replied "For that offence yes. The offence of driving without proper control / without due care and attention is very much made out however".

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