Felpham students celebrate the start of spring

Felpham Community College (FCC) has supported the annual ‘Planting for Polio’ Rotary Club campaign for a number of years, with crocus planting taking place every October.

This year students and staff planted over 4000 bulbs in a variety of locations around the school campus.

The Rotary Club have been campaigning for over 30 years to eradicate polio, a crippling and potentially fatal disease, by making sure the vaccination can be made available to people all over the world. For a number of years, the campaign has seen The Rotary Club linking up with the Royal Horticultural Society to raise awareness by planting thousands of purple crocuses across the United Kingdom. Every Autumn, The Rotary Club donate a large number of bulbs to FCC and staff work with nominated students across year groups to get the bulbs planted.

On the afternoon of Wednesday 16th February, FCC held a celebration tea party to celebrate the bulbs coming into bloom, brightening up the school site and the school preparing for Spring to begin!

Michelle Kelly, Assistant Headteacher commented:

“Thank you to The Rotary Club for their continued support and donations with this annual national campaign. This year we held the tea party on a lot smaller scale to be mindful of COVID safety. We invited a small selection of students across year groups who continue to make a difference on a daily basis to the FCC community – through our Eco Group, our Canteen Crusaders, our Rights Respecting Schools Ambassadors, our Charity Ambassadors and some of our Student Councillors. This was a chance to have a hot drink and some homemade sweet treats, celebrate the crocuses coming into bloom and thank our students for the hard work they put in above and beyond their day to day learning. Thank you also to Bob and Mary Pavard, from The Rotary Club, who also attended the event and always support FCC with a number of campaigns and initiatives.”

Adam Hughes, year 12 student and Adam Francis, year 10 student commented:

“We are part of the Eco group and we helped plant the bulbs back in October. We got to choose some of the areas to plant them and choose some design shapes – for example spelling out Eco in bulbs and a heart. It is nice to see them starting to flower around school. The tea party was fun!”

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