Littlehampton Bonfire Society At Risk Of Folding

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They say they not only lost revenue when bad weather meant they had to cancel the popular torchlight parade and fireworks this year but it also cost them £15k. The Society is looking for local support to keep the 71 year tradition of fireworks in Littlehampton alive.

The Littlehampton Bonfire Society issued the following statement: 

This October the Littlehampton Bonfire Society had to cancel their traditional torchlight parade, bonfire and fireworks event due to
adverse weather conditions, and flooding in the area.  The fire service naturally had to attend to these emergencies and could not guarantee the
society the support it required to run a safe event.

This cancellation caused a massive financial loss to the Society that they are genuinely unsure they will be able to survive.  The society
(LBS) were running at 100% of cost prior to cancellation.  LBS make no secret of the fact that their event is expensive.  Costs rise annually
and were to have been approx £31,000 this year.  A full event would therefore cost roughly £33,000 in 2024. In cancelling the event they did
not recoup all of the money back.  They estimate that even having cancelled the event that it will cost roughly £15,000.  This will
significantly reduce their company savings and puts into jeopardy the entire future of the event.

LBS's annual bonfire event, is extremely popular and brings people from far and wide to join the celebration.
It is a local tradition with a 71 year history. It brings income to the town and to local businesses.
It is a feather in the cap for Littlehampton, something that not many other towns have.
The parade offers a rare opportunity for local groups, clubs and businesses to showcase themselves.
This annual event gives something to the community - a rarity these days.

This year LBS had attracted 33 different groups to join the parade from as far afield as London and The Isle of Wight.
The Littlehampton Bonfire society is a part of a longstanding tradition in Sussex and a member of the Sussex Association.    The bonfire
societies of 9 Sussex towns were to have attended our event 2023.  Every year we see such traditions gradually dilute and slowly disappear. 
Littlehampton lost its summer carnival parade just over 10 years ago - we do not wish to lose this event also!

The society has genuine concern for the future of the event.  The committee are looking at a variety of options going forward.  They are
seeking sponsorship from a variety of sources - this article being one of these.  LBS has set the date of 7th February by which they hope to
have raised in the region of £10,000.  If they fall short of this target then they will not be able to begin to plan for a full parade, bonfire
and fireworks event for 2024 and it will likely never return.

If you wish to support the Littlehampton Bonfire Society to be able to go forward then now is the time to get behind them - if you wait, then
it may well be too late.  The society has to raise a minimum of £10,000 by 7th February or their platinum jubilee event in 2022 is highly likely
to have been the last event of its kind in the town.

To donate please use this QR code, 

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