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Littlehampton kickboxing club still on the hunt for permanent home

Despite receiving short-term offers, Kaminari Kickboxing in the town is still searching for a new venue.

Kaminari Kickboxing, which has been in Littlehampton for almost ten years, used to operate from the Riverside Industrial Estate, but has to leave the venue on June 1st. Staff at the club are still looking for somewhere permanent after securing a temporary fix at St Mary’s Church hall in the town.

Karl Lobley, 48, social media manager for the gym, told V2 Radio “It's a great place, but it is temporary. It means that we have to take the matts up and down every session and we can't have the ring out, but at least we have somewhere to train and for that we're very grateful.

"We're also very grateful to the other gyms that have reached out to us as well, although it's always hard as they have their timetables too, so combining them is never easy. We do feel very humble and honoured that everyone who has been in contact with us cares what happens to us. It's very heart- warming to see that we are needed in this community."

Miss Molloy the outgoing Mayor of Littlehampton said: “It was great to see so many people of different ages working together, the club has some rising stars on its mats, and I will be following their progress towards the Olympics.

"It is clear from the moment you walk in that this club is more than just a kickboxing club, it’s a hub of support, encouragement, and guidance enriching the lives of its members.”

Karl added: “To the public, we would like to say please keep sending us your suggestions. Maybe you have a space above your existing unit or a unit you could let.

Please get in touch via email info@teamkaminari.co.uk or via our Facebook and Instagram accounts.


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