Local entrepreneurs create coastal wear range using recycled materials

Ridding our oceans of plastics has inspired the founders of a new business to create a stunning range of coastal wear using recycled materials.

Martin Brierley and Tom Thorne have created the unique lifestyle product range with the admirable aim to help customers make a difference and contribute to a better, cleaner world. And they have have turned to Witterings surfer James Leet-Cook to help with the project.

At least 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year, and synthetic materials make up 80 per cent of all marine debris found from surface waters to deep-sea sediments. Marine species suffer severe injuries and death through ingesting or entanglement by plastic products.

Now the entrepreneurial West Sussex duo's desire and commitment to transform recycled plastics in to premium sustainable coastal adventure gear has come to fruition with the exciting launch of the TIDL range of products.

Martin, an award-winning director of film and commercials, is a passionate, all-year-round open water swimmer. And he came up with the TIDL concept having travelled the world and seen for himself the increasing pollution of our oceans.

He says TIDL gear -- from adventure robes to dry bag backpacks -- is for those who love the outdoors and want to make choices that protect our planet and its people.

He added: "At TIDL we are all focused on creating lifestyle products for the ad hoc adventurer manufactured from recycled plastic and sustainable materials. We’re trying to close the loop by making accessories for daily adventures from recycled and waste materials."

Itchenor resident Tom -- a keen sailor, SUP enthusiast and saltwater angler -- says that he has seen first-hand just how fragile our ecosystem has become as he raises his young family by the sea. The alarming amount of waste washed up on beaches and in the sea year-round helped the partners see the merit in creating he company, he says.

“We have a heritage of creating award-winning businesses -- such as digital agency Candyspace that creates market leading digital products for global brands. So, we've used our combined skills as digital experts, to create this new business focussed on selling high quality ocean adventure clothing and accessories produced from recycled plastics, direct to consumer through our own commerce platform."

Martin and Tom have enlisted the help of surfer James to be the force behind TIDL’s product development and e-commerce store management.

He said: “I have a real passion for environmentalism and this very much helps me to ‘live the brand’ and this in turn ensures each of our products meet TIDL’s high sustainability standards whilst also standing up to the rigorous testing of adventures across the British coast.”

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