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Where are you based?:
I am based in the north of Corsica, an island off France and Italy in the Mediterranean sea. In the middle of nowhere, really, with forests and the sea. I was born there and it really feels like home.

Musical taste?:
You could say classic rock, blues, jazz, and opera generally, but as someone said, to my ears, music is either good or bad. And, so, I can be open to new music, as long as it rings something in me. I have been lucky enough to have always been involved in music, ever since an uncle of mine gave me a guitar when I was 12. So the music I like is the soundtrack of my life, really.

How long have you been involved in radio? :
While I have not done too much radio, apart from a short stint in Paris in a boutique show, I have always wanted to be more involved in radio, especially being a DJ, playing the music I like, and giving the reason why I like this or that particular track. Music is so important to me that I couldn't play just any track. I would prefer silence...
Favourite part of West Sussex?:
Sussex has always been the entry into England on my way to London. Whether I came from Dover or Newhaven, it has always been the south of England that slowly engulfed me into my favorite country in the world. I have got to know the area of west Grinstead and I find it of outstanding beauty.

What excites you about V2 Radio?:
What I like about V2 radio is that it is a new venture with a very open-minded team of people. And, they are giving me a chance to express myself, even though I have no experience.

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