The Lock-In Promo

The Lock-in is all about you.  Our virtual pub, The Downlands Arms is a nice friendly place where we can all hang out, share stories and listen to some great music - picked by you, instead of an algorithm.

We need a "promo" for the show, that will air periodically throughout the week and I'd like to get you involved in this and be one of the voices of that promo.

How it works

All you need to do is call The Downlands Arms answerphone on 01243 110280 (Important: you must dial the full number including area code for it to work!), wait for the beep and then hang up once you're finished.  Easy!

You can call as many times as you'd like - if you make a mistake, don't worry, just restart the bit you made a mistake on and start again, just like I would!

What should I say?

Just be yourself, speak nice and clearly, don't rush it and leave me a gap between each part as I'll have to cut all of these up in an audio editor.

Firstly - introduce yourself:

Hello - It's <first name> from <location>


Then say:

Join me and all of the other regulars in The Downlands Arms for The Lock-In on Sunday night from 7pm, only on V2 Radio.


Say what you like about the Lock-In, what people can expect and why you'd recommend it to others (why do you tune in each week?).


Say what your favourite type of music is (e.g. 80s, Rock etc.) and tell us your favourite artists.


And anything else you'd like to say!   Share a joke (clean please!), tell a short story, send your regards to everyone else in the Downlands etc.


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