The Lock-In - Murder Mystery - Halloween 2023

It's a Halloween special this weekend in the Downlands Arms.   But I have bad news - your faithful Landlord and Radio Presenter has been murdered!  It's up to you to solve the murder and avenge his death....

The Suspects

Breakfast Babe Tanya McCarthy (as Miss Scarlett)

They've been friends for a few years, but has Steve tried to play one too many practical jokes on her?  Did he leave the studio in a mess for her on Monday morning?  She's a redhead, so probably has quite a temper!

Crouchie (as Colonel Mustard)

Radio legend Crouchie has been on the West Sussex airwaves for over 25 years and is now the Programme Controller at V2 and is Steve's boss.   Did Steve go rogue one too many times and play something he wasn't supposed to, again?!?  Did Crouchie's alter ego - Grouchie come out in a rage?!?

Justin Cottrell (as Professor Plum)

Station owner and Newsreader Justin is a Cliff Richard super-fan.  Did Steve crack one too many Cliff jokes?  Was he late for the news, again!?!  Or was it his refusal to play any Cliff songs that finally tipped Justin over the edge?

Gary Booker (as Mrs Peacock)

Steve and Gary have been best friends after they met at a previous radio station.  They're often known to play practical jokes on each other - with Gary sensitive about his height (or lack thereof), did Steve make one joke too many?

Mike Beeston (as Mrs White)

Mike is another Sussex radio veteran and is V2's super-substitute, standing in for anyone that is on holiday or off sick.  Did Mike bump Steve off, so he could do his shows permanently?

Chris Pink (as Reverend Green)

Pinky is Steve's sidekick and so-called "Producer" for his Friday night show.   Chris has a big heart, but an even bigger ego - did they have a falling out?  Did Steve shout "Hey you guys!" one too many times or play one too many pranks on him?  Did Pink turn Red with rage?

Potential Murder Weapons

  • Microphone
  • Headphone Cable
  • Broken CD
  • V2 Radio Pen
  • V2 Radio Plastic Bag
  • Big Nige's Ukulele

Potential Locations of the Murder

  • Studio 1
  • Studio 2
  • Green Room
  • V2 Outside Broadcast Van
  • Racks Room
  • Record Library
  • Celebrity B&B
  • Downlands Arms


How to send in your guesses?

You'll need to either phone the studio or send a voice text to 01243 963960 (we can't take email submissions!) - you'll need to pick:

  • Murderer
  • Weapon
  • Location
  • Tell us why you've picked each (optional)

We'll then state how many you got right - the first person to get all 3 first (in order the messages are received) is the winner!

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