Yes-Way or Nor-Way

If you were listening in to the first round of the Grand Final, playing along and would like to know how you did, we've got the questions & answers below for you!

Question set 1 - Nicola & Graham:

Norway is home to the longest road tunnel? Yes-Way
The Lion is Norway's national royal animal. Yes-Way
Oslo is sometimes known by the nickname "The Tiger City". Yes-Way
Norway has won Eurovision song contest 5 times. Nor-Way - 3 times
Norway has won the most amount of medals at the Winter Olympics. Yes-Way - 368

Question set 2 - Ian & Ros:

In 2020 the population of Norway was 9.45 million. Nor-Way - 5.5 million
Does Norway have a Monarchy? Yes-Way - King Harold
Norway has 2 time zones. Nor-Way - it only has one
The Meow Meow cruise is a trip dedicated to cat lovers? Yes-Way
No Time to Die and Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back both had filming locations in Norway. Yes-Way

Question set 3 - Andrew & Angela:

Does Norway have an opera house? Yes-Way
The Norwegian flag is Red, Yellow & Blue. Nor-Way - Red, White & Blue
In 1902 it was a Norwegian who invented the corkscrew. Nor-Way - it was an English Reverend in 1975
The Bukkehorn (goat horn) is a traditional Norwegian instrument. Yes-Way
Norway gifts the UK a Christmas tree every year to be displayed in Trafalgar Square. Yes-Way

Question set 4 - Alison & Wayne:

Did Norway introduce salmon sushi to Japan? Yes-Way
The Norwegian government is headed up by an elected President. Nor-Way - They have a Prime Minister 
An Australian billionaire is planning on building a replica of the Titanic called the Titanic 2. Yes-Way
Bjork is one of Norway's biggest musical experts. Nor-Way - she is from Iceland
Norway celebrates its National Day on June 18th. Nor-Way - May 17th

Question set 5 - Steve & Sue (Representing Andrea):

Norway is the 4th largest country in Europe by land area. Nor-Way
The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo. Yes-Way
Is the Med the most popular cruise ship destination for UK passengers? Nor-Way - it's the Caribbean and Bahamas
The Norwegian currency is the Euro. Nor-Way - it's the Krone
There are 400,000 lakes in Norway. Yes-Way

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