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What A Potential Employer Is Looking For 


When going for an interview it is worth spending time thinking about what the potential employer is looking for. They will have to assess the person in front of them very quickly. As the interviewee, you need to make yourself as presentable as you can; think about how you present yourself, the way you answer questions, the way you talk about your past roles and how these can match the job.


  1. Smart appearance. Get ready before the day what you are going to wear to the interview, even if you are being interviewed on-line. Consider what you might be expected to wear for the job and try to match that. For example, a receptionist should wear something very smart. Whereas a park ranger would look best in a clean, pressed polo shirt. If in doubt, pick something smarter.


  1. Self-presentation. The interviewer will look at how the candidate presents themselves. Think about how you are going to start the conversation and try to speak in a straightforward way. Practicing this helps, so ask a friend or someone you trust for a mock interview.
  3. CV Check. Make sure your CV is up to date and matches the job you are being interviewed for. There is a separate handout, which will help with this.


  1. Experience. The interviewer will ask questions about your experiences. Be prepared to talk about your past work, your hobbies and any volunteering that you have done. You are trying to demonstrate how your experience makes you qualified to do this job.


  1. Matching you to the job. The interviewer will relate information on your CV to how well you match what they are looking for. Your job is to convince them that you can do the job. Help them see that you are the right person, or that you can learn quickly if you don’t have the asked for experience.


  1. Fitting into the team. The interviewer will want someone who is going to fit in with the team. During the interview they will be looking to see if you come over as personable. Be friendly, smile, give good eye-contact.


  1. And finally. Always remember “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.”
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