Gary Booker

Saturday nights, 7pm-midnight, on V2 Radio brings you The Big Night In with Gary Booker.

Whether you're getting ready to head out for a night on the town, staying in to party in the comfort of your own home or just want to reminisce about your clubbing days, Booker brings you the party tunes & club classics! Don't forget to get your song requests & shout outs in to Gary in too.

Where in West Sussex are you based: I live in Eastergate with my amazing wife Jenny and my 2 lovely children Rosie & Ronnie

Musical taste: My musical taste covers a wide variety. I love all music across the decades and all types. I suppose my main genre is dance music something to get those toes tapping. Dance music was how I made a living, playing in bars and clubs across the south.

How long have you been involved in radio: My radio career is quite short (still a newbie), I have been on air for 4 years and learnt so much from legends like Crouchie, Nick Hobbs and Stuart McGinley. Radio was something I always wanted to do since I was around 13 years old.

Favourite part of West Sussex: Easy The South Downs, especially Slindon Folly, you can see the whole of West Sussex from up on those downs, we spend a lot of time there.

What excites you about V2 Radio: What excites me? The whole lot! I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing new station, I'm looking forward to bringing proper local radio back to your homes, cars and businesses in West Sussex... an area I love!

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